Performance Coach Rob Watts

  • Rob Watts

    Coach to European Tour & PGA professionals, England Golf’s U18 Elite Squad, Top Amateur players and County teams, Rob is also an Elite Coach for Today’s Golfer magazine, and Nike Brand Ambassador.

    “Rob’s expertise and constant guidance since 2007 has helped me to continually improve and make me the player I am today”

    Fitness Practice Preparation

    Working closely with Rob for 6 years Tom’s handicap reduced from 4 to +3 before he turned professional, thanks to Rob’s expert coaching techniques. They work together on every aspect of what embodies a successful professional.

    •  Gym Regime

      Focusing on developing strength and an understanding of the biomechanical aspects of the golf swing.

    •  Trackman

      Constantly working together on the numbers and striving to get them as good as they can be.

    •  Skills Tests

      Regular drills on the range and putting green with the use of practice aids and TrackMan.

    Rob has constantly been there with me every step of the way for the majority of my golfing career. I can safely say that without him, I would not be the player I am today.

    Author's imageTom

    Videos by Rob – August 2011

    Jake Bailey


    Tom is now working with UK accredited strength and photo (1)conditioning performance coach Jake Bailey. Jake, of the Rob Watts Performance Academy, who has a vast knowledge in creating effective nutrition plans as well as strength and conditioning routines, has designed a personal programme for Tom which is tailored to his specific requirements.

    With hard work and dedication Tom looks to improve his core strength and become more flexible under Jake’s supervision and expertise.

    For more information on how Jake could help you become fitter and stronger, please click here