How to Get Involved

My aspiration is to become a world class touring professional competing at the highest level. With hard work, determination and support I aim to make this dream a reality

Competing at a professional level in a full tournament schedule incurs considerable expense with entry fees, travel, accommodation, equipment and other costs.  It would not be possible without an ongoing support network.

  • Sponsorship

    Your business would benefit from association with Tom as he competes on the national and international stage often with media coverage.

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  • Support Group

    Own units in Tom’s Support Group Fund which will receive 25% of any prize winnings to be shared proportionally between investors annually.

  • Donation

    The offering of funds and assistance of a practical nature are both enormously valuable and greatly appreciated.

  • A big Thank You must go out to Tom’s supporters who were involved in his support fund for the 2014/2015 season:

  • Castle Royle Members Committee
    Luke Murphy
    Gordon Jones
    Jules and Richard Tarr
    Phil and Nikki Ochtman
    Simon Bayliss
    Diana Wilde
    Frank Ward

  • Stephen Lane
    Craig Bassett
    Sally and Paul Collier
    Howard Johnstone
    Helen MacAndrews
    Chrissie and Steve Reynolds
    Tony and Michael Carney 

  • Tom has recently been working with Katherine Irving, developing new mental skills and touching on the psychological aspects of golf that can dramatically change how one performs. A big thank you must go out to Katherine for her support, it has been a great contributor to Tom’s recent form.

    A special thank you must go to Nicky Brass for all her technical support and skills involved in creating this website.

    Gillian Sullivan has been helping Tom each week throughout the winter with her Pilates expertise. It has vastly helped Tom gain a better understanding of his movements as well as strengthening his core, ultimately becoming a better player. A special thanks must also go to Gillian for all her support.

    To discuss how you could become involved

    Please Contact Tom