Life of an International Student-Athlete in the US

profile-2013-1After my last post seemed to receive a lot of attention thanks to a number of re-tweets and shares on Facebook, I felt compelled to continue the blog and keep information flowing to those who may now know what an average college student-athlete goes through (golfers especially)

Each day is slightly different depending on what classes I have and where we have to go for practice. Tuesday is the only day I get any respite from my arch enemy, the alarm clock but my average day consists of crawling out of bed at around 7.15-7.30 and making it to my first class by 8 am. Classes run throughout the morning till 12.15 pm and we have to be at practice by 1 pm. Once we finish either qualifying or practice (around 5.30-6 pm) we get back home for the evening unless the day is Thursday! When getting back from practice I have the pleasure of packing my bag and trundling off to my 7-10 pm night class. Not to mention all the homework and studying one has to do in preparation for the proceeding classes.

During the off season we also attend team workouts 3 days a week regardless of any gym work you may do in your own time.

Having served 4 years as a student-athlete, you hear comments and remarks from other students as well as faculty about the privileges you may receive over the normal student body, however the reality of the situation is clear. We as student-athletes represent the university, we wake up every day knowing we wear the colors of our university and are proud to do so and although we may receive compensation for our efforts in the forms of scholarships and attire, WE EARN IT!

Once again I’m not writing this in an attempt to rant about those who don’t understand what we go through as student-athletes, this is merely an informative post to educate those who may not fully comprehend what it is to be a college golfer or college athlete.

I am so unbelievably thankful to be a Old Dominion Monarch and have been proud to wear blue and silver my last 4 years. I have learnt so much about myself, the world I live in and become far more independent as a result.

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